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Key Factors for Tracking the Success of Your Site

Published by on August 29, 2012

When it comes to online marketing, there’s three major factors you should be bearing in mind:

  1. Conversion rate. One of the ways that you can really tell if your online marketing campaign is bearing fruit is whether it translates into more sales or inquiries. A good website will have methods for tracking this, such as Google Analytics.
  2. The composition of your backlink profile. Backlinks are more important than ever now that Google has again updated its Penguin algorithm. When it comes to SEO marketing, backlinks matter, and an unexamined backlink profile will harm your place in the Google search rankings without you even knowing. A good online marketing service will be able to access your backlink profile and optimise it.
  3. Visitor time and engagement. Another key indicator of the success of a campaign is how long visitors spend on your site. Ways to monitor this include tracking the average time a visitor spends on-site, tracking the number of visitors that venture beyond your home page and the number of ‘shares’ visitors make on social media sites. Increasingly, such metrics also factor into your SEO rankings.


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