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Link Building strategies

Published by on January 18, 2010

Using Different Link Building Strategies

There is no easy way of building links naturally the easiest way is of course to purchase links from sites that offer advertising positions but this can be expensive and when purchased still only provides links from one site position. So links will only arrive from one location online.

Here are the best ways in order to generate back links to your sites –

1. Article Writing Рthis can be on your own blog or using article submission sites online of which there are hundreds to choose from.

2. Social Bookmarking sites – Take a look at Digg and Delicious. Also consider opening a twitter or Flickr account.

3. Press releases – again you can find sites online that provide the ability to generate press releases that will find there way onto google news.

4. Old fashioned Webmaster contact – Email existing sites in your industry that have a links page and see if you can trade links. There is no easy way of doing this and it take good honest graft and time.

5. Leave Blog Comments – Add to the conversation online and leave comments on other blogs. You can leave your URL and name that will link to your site. Don’t spam blogs but add to the conversation and make it relevant.

Another tips is to look out for authority sites within your industry. So for example .gov , .edu or .org domains are ideal for this purpose. Google actually takes notice of things as specific as this also of course link from your keyword.

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