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Link building What You Probably didn’t know

Published by on August 13, 2012

Now the dust has settled following the Google updates involving Penguin and Pandas (we are also thinking what animal with the letter beginning with P will be next). I wanted to help our clients understand fully what is involved with link building and why it isnt as straightforward as it once was and why the recent updates mean you really cannot scrimp and save with your companies SEO efforts.

When completing link building one of the first ports of call is your competition. We will spend hours checking the back links of your higher ranking competitors or competitors in similar industries. The stumbling block comes when you complete the competitor analysis but then find that the back links contain links from sites that require sponsorships and payment for article submissions. You do of course come across webmaster who understand the worth of their site and will charge an arm and a leg as a result.

So its really a false situation where the client pays the SEO company a fee per month to do link building. When in reality a portion of that fee doesn’t just cover the labour costs for searching for links but it also covers the costs for payments to webmasters. The best route forward we feel is the following the client pays for the time for the service and we then we provide reccomendations and suggestions where we feel the client should purchase links.

The problem is this isn’t what the clients wants to hear and quite rightly so. Not only should the clients pay for the time but then on top another cost for paying webmaster for articles or sponsorships (notice we dont mention purchasing links as this is strictly against the Google webmaster guidelines.) Article submissions and sponsorships are fine.

It then boils down to return on investment if the client knows that if they spend an extra £50 0n an article submission they will gain an extra placement or higher ranking I am sure they could look at the extra costs as a viable investment for the growth of their business. Bearing this in mind we have been working on a set of calculations that can provide an estimated return on investment for clients on these extra purchases.

The variables are the following –

Cost of labour (per hour) +

Cost of sponsored listing +

Authority score of sponsored article or sponsorship position are crucial in understanding this. So if we can provide a indication to you that if we are to invest in articles they will pass on the following benefits to your rankings you can then evaluate the investment simple right.

Well it isn’t as black and white as that but we can still calculate an estimate for you non the less we are talking about thousands of variables here. So using the Open site explorer authority score we can tell you the strength of a site and then calculate its effect on your rankings to give you an estimate of it influence (calculations we have been working on for over a year now).

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