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Local Business Heroes – David Gould

Published by on December 6, 2012

Keeping an eye on things in Rossendale for the past 10 years is local optician David Gould with two optical practices in the valley. David continues to be an avid user of the internet to promote his business and has introduced several forward thinking ideas with Dennis Taylor his Social Media Manager utilising social media marketing in the local community. Read more below.

David Gould continues to utilise social media for his business.

1. How long have you been in business and what exactly do you do ?

2013 will be David Gould Opticians 10th year in business. We are independent opticians, providing Rossendale and the surrounding area with a fantastic modern eyecare service, a fabulous range of frames and spectacle lenses, and a specialist contact lens centre, but always making sure we can spend quality time with our clients.

2. Have you always run your own business and would you class yourself as an entrepreneur ?

I have run my own business since 2003, but was a director of a regional group of opticians before that. I wouldn’t consider myself as an entrepreneur; that makes me think of people like Richard Branson & Alan Sugar.

3. How do you see social media playing a part in your business in the future ?

Social media already plays a part in our business – we are very active on Facebook and it’s a great way to engage with clients and inform people about what’s going on in our business and in the town centre. I love Twitter, but not just for talking about our business.

4. How do you see social media playing a positive part in the local community ?

Social media is a great way of finding out what’s going on locally and can be the basis of a great discussion board. However, beware the “Chinese Whisper” effect! Twitter and Facebook were really useful recently for the Clogs ont’ Cobbles event in Rawtenstall Town Centre. Sharing Facebook statuses and retweeting tweets spread the word quickly about what was going on in the town. We often hold Facebook Fridays on our Facebook page too, where local businesses can post links and self-promote.

Rawtenstall's Optical Practice

Rawtenstall’s Optical Practice

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