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Massive Online Spend Predicted for Christmas Day

Published by on December 19, 2011

Creative Commons License photo credit: steve p2008

Retail analysts have identified a terrific online marketing opportunity during this year’s Christmas period – a massive internet spending spree by UK consumers over the next 14 days.

Forecasters at IMRG said that Britons are gearing up to spend an incredible £186.4 million online on Christmas Day alone, a 12 per cent increase compared to the same day last year. Consumers will also spend nearly double what they spent in 2010 on Boxing Day, IMRG added, with a predicted haul of £367.8 million.

Part of this is down to a huge online marketing push by many retailers, who have been heavily promoting sales and special offers and letting customers know that pre-Christmas stocks are running out fast in their internet advertising campaigns, making sure that pre-orders and sales come in earlier than the previous year.

The company’s chief marketing and communications officer David Smith said: “Although shopping on Christmas Day might not appear to quite be in the Christmas spirit, it is worth considering that many of these sales could actually be associated with popular gifts people have received, such as downloadable content for MP3 players and Kindles.”

Mr Smith noted that last Christmas Day had already seen a 26 per cent increase in online spending, making the idea of a 12 per cent increase this year even more impressive.

The IMRG report underlines the importance of having an effective online marketing strategy in place that takes into account not only the run-up to Christmas, but the Christmas holidays themselves. At this time, new gifts – especially technology such as media players and computers – often create their own demand for accessories, software, peripherals, DVDs and CDs.

Portable devices such as smartphones and iPads are going to be very popular gift choices this Christmas, only adding to the importance of these mobile devices in the world of online marketing. Recently, search giant Google published research which showed that more mobile devices were being used to make Christmas gift enquiries than ever before, with the technology being used for more than half of all searches for store locations, special offers and last-minute gift ideas, compared to desktops and traditional laptop computers.

Given this growing trend, it is imperative that online marketing professionals make it a priority to emphasise mobile devices in their campaigns, especially those hoping to capitalise on this year’s Christmas season.








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