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Missing out on mobile – An Unaffordable Cost For Businesses

Published by on March 14, 2014

For a while we have been told that digital tablets and smartphones are going to overtake PC sales, however despite this information, many businesses are still failing to keep up with the demands of mobile customers. If you are still operating without a mobile web design, then you could be costing your business a large number of potential sales. If you were to make just one business goal this year, it should be to make sure that your content is mobile-ready.

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Make 2014 the year you cater for your mobile customers.

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What is a mobile-ready website?

When it comes to mobile web design there are two routes you can take. The first is to have a separate mobile web design created for your business. This is a website that is created and optimised solely for mobile use. Mobile web designs are created for a particular screen size and have usability features that differ from traditional desktop sites. They are also created to provide easy access to content for those using their mobile devices on-the-go.

The other option is to have a responsive web design built. This is a single web design that uses clever CSS coding to adjust itself depending on the device it is being viewed on. Unlike with mobile web designs, responsive websites feature the same content on all devices.

Why are mobile websites important?

Today it is essential for businesses of all sizes to have a mobile-friendly website. With the number of smartphone users constantly rising, those that do not have a mobile website or a website that is compatible with mobile devices will discourage users from doing business with them and will find they cost their business potential sales. If you want to remain competitive you will need to develop a website strategy that accommodates for users of all devices.

Mobile web design vs. responsive

Whereas some web designers will encourage you to go for a mobile web design, others favour responsive layouts. There are many arguments as to which of the two is better, so it is important to consider the factors and decide which is best for your business and customer base.

Some experts believe that building a separate mobile version of a website can lead to a better user experience. This is due to the fact that the content is tailored specifically for mobile viewing, whereas with responsive websites, the content remains the same on all versions.

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Responsive web design vs mobile website design – which will you choose?

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It is important to consider return on investment when making your choice between a mobile site and a responsive web design. You will need to determine whether building a separate mobile web design is cost effective for your business, keeping in mind not only set up and installation costs but maintenance costs too. If you cannot see it being cost effective, then go for a responsive website.

When deciding between the two types of web design, it is important to look at your website reports and analytics. If you have a low percentage of mobile users, then opt for a responsive web design. If you have a high percentage of smartphone users, a mobile web design may be the best option for your business.


Whether you choose a responsive web design or a mobile website design will depend on your individual circumstances. Either way you need to make sure that you are catering for mobile users. Businesses that fail to meet the needs of mobile customers using their website will find that they fall behind and become uncompetitive. They will lose potential sales and in a market where there is tough competition, this is something which businesses simply cannot afford to do.

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