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Mobile Apps Present “Unique” Online Marketing Opportunities

Published by on December 7, 2010

An online marketing expert said this week that the future looks bright for the sector thanks to the increasing use of apps among owners of smartphones, iPhones and iPads.

Renegade Media account manager Dave Barton said that the growing popularity of mobile apps is set to vastly increase the number of opportunities available for online marketing and more chances than ever to interact with the target audience.

Mr Barton said that mobile apps presented “unique and innovative ways” for online advertisers to promote their brand and reach out to customers.

He urged online marketing professionals to focus on the human interaction facet of mobile apps, however, rather than the techie side of things.

“What I feel is most important is that marketers don’t lose sight of adding value to the consumer experience – they shouldn’t just exploit technology for its own sake,” he insisted.

There have been many reports recently stressing the importance to online marketing of the new wave of mobile devices and the apps that accompany them. In October, the Mobile Marketing Association published research stating that 47 per cent of consumers in the UK that respond to online advertising on their iPad or smartphone then go on to buy a product or service.

Indeed, online marketing is generally expanding, according to figures published yesterday by ZenithOptmedia Group.

The group said that businesses across the world are forecasting an overall 4.6 per cent increase in spending on online advertising, with the USA, Japan and China being the three countries who are set to spend the most.

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