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Online Casino Adwords

Published by on November 30, 2009

Online Casinos Can now use Adwords.

Since the advent of google AdWords for online casinos there was the initial clamour to get listed. Online Casinos are now paying anywhere of up to £20 – £30 per click plus spending a minimum of at least £10k per month advertising on the search engine. At Online Media Direct we specialise in the management of these online casino AdWords campaigns and with our direct contact with Google headquarters in Ireland we get you setup as soon as possible. For transparency, there are many online casinos like 666 casinos that use our services up to now to promote their website and so far we have received 100% positive reviews from them.

What do we need to do adwords for our Online Casino ?

First things first and the most important is a good budget it is not worth punting a couple of thousand here or there. We need a serious commitment from you if we are going to have any chance of breaking into the current market, competition is fierce and for us to compete with bids and daily budgets we ask for at least £10 – £20 k for a first month trial. Our Google AdWords professional will setup and target your AdWords campaign as specifically and professionally as possible and not stone will be left unturned in helping to give your ads the best possible quality score to compete with your competition.

Our experience with AdWords includes many different industries including casinos, finance, mortgages and loans so we are used to dealing with big budgets . Our largest campaign totalled a quarter of a million pounds so our experience at this level is invaluable. With the service we provide, more people have the opportunity to read now a valuable content about slot game reviews just by searching for “slot games review” on google.

We setup Google analytics and the important conversion tracking for all online casino adwords campaigns as standard. Full access is available with all of our adwords campaigns plus you can even use an existing account and we can link you up to our professional account so you will know exactly what you are paying for your clicks with your companies click spend.

Our services to setup and to complete ongoing management and analysis of the campaigns are charged at a very low percentage rate our reason for the low rate is we understand any charges will detract from any potential conversions at your end and we want to gain long term successful customers using the clever online casino adwords campaigns.

Please note it is important that you have a registered gambling license and number to complete the application. Along with a prominent link to or

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