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Online Marketing Framework to be Compiled by Parliament

Published by on August 30, 2011

Parlamento Británico al atardecer
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ramón Cutanda

The mounting importance of online marketing to the UK economy has been noted by no less august a body than the Houses of Parliament, which this week announced plans to compile a framework of all agencies involved with the online marketing sector.

Officials for the Houses of Parliament said that an online tender process will take place to gather the necessary information on the digital agencies, who will include experts in digital strategy, online designers, companies concerned with mobile applications, database designers, e-commerce companies – and online marketing experts in such fields as search engine optimisation, advertising on social networking, tracking and analytics.

The officials explained that the eProcurement will guide the creation of the framework, and several digital agencies are expected to receive government appointments at the end of the process.

Such a move on the part of the UK government really underlines the vital contribution that internet marketing is making to keeping British business vibrant and connected to the rest of the world – as well as its unparalleled effectiveness in driving up business itself.



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