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Online Marketing Needs to Focus More on Mobile Devices

Published by on November 30, 2011

Creative Commons License photo credit: Pink Ayla


The ever-increasing importance of mobile devices in online marketing was hammered home this week after a new survey revealed that 33 per cent of smartphone users had ordered a product with their device – and another 26 per cent had ordered a product or service online using a mobile app.

The research, carried out by EPiServer, showed that e-commerce via mobile devices is becoming a key part of UK retail, with online marketing efforts increasingly geared towards such shopping habits. With 59 per cent of British consumers now owning some form of smartphone and 18 per cent owning tablet devices, this is a sensible move.

However, the survey also discovered that some online marketing professionals are not making their sites mobile-friendly enough, with 32 per cent of smartphone users finding websites hard to navigate. Another 35 per cent said that they gave up on sites that were too difficult to find one’s way around.

But only 20 per cent of online marketing workers surveyed said that their site was optimised for mobile devices, and only 18 per cent had a specific mobile app. The good news is that 76 per cent said that they had a mobile strategy in place with 26 per cent due to launch a site optimised for smartphones and tablets in the next year.



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