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Online Marketing Needs to Get Personal

Published by on March 8, 2011

The head of a leading marketing firm has said that the future could see internet marketing initiatives being tailored towards individual customers.

Speaking last week at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising event in Manchester, Alterian John Fleming’s vice-president of field marketing for Europe and Asia-Pacific John Fleming said that brands should make more of an effort to engage potential customers while they are trying to decide between different companies, arguing that there was a divide between the two at the moment because customers first search on Google before sampling different companies’ websites to make their final decision

“That’s all taken place outside of any interaction at all with the brand and yet they’re about to make a powerful buying decision without influence from the brand itself,” he said.

Mr Fleming said that instead, online marketing efforts should be seeking to reach out to individual customers and that technology was swiftly catching up with the need to do this.

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