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Online Marketing Teams Falling Behind on Keywords

Published by on August 8, 2011

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Software company Hydra revealed this week that more than half of all businesses involved in online marketing believe they are staying up to date with keywords.

A poll carried out by the company found that only 42 per cent of internet marketing respondents thought they were “on trend” when it came to keywords, as opposed to 55 per cent who felt they were lagging behind.

The problem for many is that they are failing in their keyword research – the practice of finding out which words and expressions are being widely used among their target demographic. Effective keyword research leads to effective online marketing, as only the keywords most likely to drive traffic and sales are invested in.

There are difficulties for many internet marketing teams because their limited resources prevent them from carrying out comprehensive and ongoing research. The best way forward is to initially find out which search terms lead customers to their sector and then use keyword-page mapping to uncover the relationships between certain words and the products and services being offered.

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