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Pinterest Rolls Out Notifications and Analytics Dashboard Functionality

Published by on September 18, 2014

A screenshot from the new Pinterest Analytics dashboard

On August 26th Pinterest launched their new notification and analytics dashboard, we review the functionality and features and what this brings for users.

Reason for the new Notifications and Analytics Dashboard

Pinterest has been a tremendous success since its launch in March 2010. No business can afford breathing space in the social market though so to address a gap with competitors such as Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest have launched their new Analytics dashboard.

We are aware that many customers rely solely on Google Analytics but using other sources such as Pinterest Analytics is well worth experimenting with particularly if you have a lot of Pinterest activity.

Pinterest commented about the launch of the new functionality:

β€œThe aim is to enable customers to improve their marketing and product strategies, with meaningful insights about what their customers are interested in.”

Need for a Business Account

Unfortunately only business account holders of Pinterest will have access to the Analytics functionality. Given its value it is definitely worth considering paying for a business account.

Link to Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics information can be found at

How to use the Pinterest Analytics Information

The best approach is to study, analyse, tweak and react to the information you see. Continual revision of your Pinterest approach until its fine tuned to perfection will pay rich dividends in the medium-long term. We strongly recommend all customers to investigate Pinterest Analytics and are here to help with any questions or queries.

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