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Pinterest and Shopify – Perfect Partners Following Rich Pins Enablement

Published by on September 18, 2014

Pinterest and Shopify strategically working together

Back in July, Pinterest and Shopify made a joint announcement about a partnership between the two companies. Now the dust has settled we thought we’d investigate what happened and how this has benefitted Shopify customers and users of Pinterest.

What was the agreement?

As from July 18th Pinterest revealed that they had enabled rich pin functionality for all Shopify merchants. This is an exciting move for Shopify merchants who can benefit from functionality such as stock availability and real-time pricing. Previously rich pins were created by unnecessarily complicated metadata behind the scenes but this can now be achieved through the Shopify API integration with Pinterest.

What are Pinterest rich pins?

Rich pins are enhanced pins on Pinterest. Pins with additional information that make the Shopify customers experience more enhanced. There are currently five types of rich pins, these are i) Article, ii) Movie, iii) Place, iv) Product and v) Recipe.

rich pins

An example of an article pin

Why are rich pins so important?

Rich pins will enhance the user’s experience. Examples are improved click through rates, price notification emails on Pinterest notifying customers who’d pinned the product where a price drop occurs (this is a free and effective form of marketing).


So why not experiment? If you haven’t already set-up your Pinterest account today at, it’s a social media channel which is especially effective for eCommerce sites.

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