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Rand Fishkin my SEO Hero

Published by on November 22, 2011


The ultimate clique term right ? It seems every man and his dog who has a good day in the office suddenly is a Hero. “Heros”, “Experts” an SEO’s brain becomes immune to such superbly. Recipients of the title Hero should be people of the highest order, achievers, winners…

So I am here to argue why Rand Fishkin is fully deserving of this title due to his contribution, achievements and developments with SEO Moz which are of the highest order.

On that rainy Wednesday afternoon or that point in the week when things are not going to plan. The useful tools and community on SEO Moz are there to help unlock those problems…

But its much more than just a helpful tool. The Q & A’s and the very existence of SEO Moz and Rand helps bring a figure head for the industry. An industry where making friends with fellow SEOs in the UK especially is difficult as it is such a competitive arena.The SEO industry doesn’t need characters like Alec Baldwin in Glen Garry Glenross who have left real estate and have “brass balls” . It needs more people like Rand Fishkin…

A figure head, an authority, a trend setter and role model for SEO’s to follow was well overdue.

Ok Rand openly admitted on email to me – he found it difficult as a consultant making his company grow so then moved into the development of software. But the passion and enthusiasm he and his colleagues bring to the table with the Whiteboard Fridays and highly intuitive blogs posts. Enlighten an intuitive SEO looking for inspiration..

A reminder to me and many others who started off in the business in the first place why they did. A memento of the past and injection of energy across the industry. I don’t want this to turn into some blatant attempt and cheap way of getting some back links from sucking up to Rand I do genuinely mean all of the above. We are great believers that not enough people are encouraged and told “wow your doing a really great job”. Rand you just had your 15 minutes of fame on the blog.

Ok here is the fun part I mentioned to Rand I have been a big fan for a while and also with the recent Movember events I decided to emulate Rand with his “Man beard” Take a look here at the results…

Garry Pickles grows a beard like Rand Fishkin ...

Why not show your pride and display your “Rand Fishkin is my SEO Hero” banner on your site. Below is a 125×125 banner

Rand Fishkin is my hero

Keep up the great work Rand and the team at SEO Moz.

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