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SEO Marketing Practitioners Warned About New Penguin Update

Published by on August 23, 2012

Online marketing executives take note – expert opinion has it that SEO will be severely shaken up by the upcoming Google Penguin update.

Speaking last week at the SES San Francisco conference, Google’s Search Quality supreme Matt Cutts said that the update would be “jarring and jolting” for SEO marketing practitioners.

Although Google is, as usual, keeping the precise details of the update secret, most analysts agree that it will involve new signals for SEO marketing to interpret and respond to, which does tend to make things a little chaotic and uncertain until matters settle down again. Penguin is still a relatively young piece of software, meaning that new signals and improvements to the algorithm are being incorporated all the time. It is widely believed that this means the next few Penguin updates will be pretty involved, with greater impact on SEO than before.

In order to be prepared for the next “jarring and jolting” Penguin update, companies are being advised to contact online marketing experts to have their website Penguin-proofed’.


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