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Is Snapchat introducing adverts to its app ?

Published by on October 16, 2014

It’s only been a few weeks since Instagram introduced adverts into the feeds of its British users and now it looks like another app is jumping on the bandwagon !

Snapchat will soon be using adverts on its app to generate revenue.

Yes this week CEO Evan Spiegel announced that the Snapchat messaging app would soon be using advertising to pay the bills.

Before you start panicking about interruptions to your messaging service, we have some good news. Snapchat will not be including the ads as part of its core ’10-second’ messaging service. Instead there are plans to integrate the adverts into Snapchat’s Stories section. This is the service that allows users to string together multiple messages and turn them into a thread that lasts for a maximum of twenty four hours.

Whilst some brands including Taco Bell in the US have already been utilising Snapchat’s Stories for free, their advertisements currently only reach users who willingly follow the brands. The introduction of paid adverts in the Stories section will therefore allow brands to target a much wider audience.

The company is also rumoured to be working on a new promotional service called ‘Discovery.’ This service would allow users to view stories from major media companies and is likely to include some form of advertising, though Spiegel was reluctant to give away too much too soon.

This is a bold move for Snapchat, which reportedly turned down a three billion dollar acquisition deal from Facebook last year. A decision that suggested they had their own aspirations for growing the app. Of course with growth comes the need to generate revenue and up until now the start-up has yet to launch any revenue-generating schemes to make it a sustainable business.

Whilst news of possible advertising on Snapchat in the near future will allow the company to make money, they will have to tread carefully, ensuring it is not at the expense of their audiences’ enjoyment of using the app.

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