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Snapchat for Small Business Marketing ?

Published by on March 23, 2014

Snapchat is a relatively new app which can be used to send photos or videos to a controlled group of ‘friends.’ These photos and videos can be edited with text and are called ‘snaps’ as they disappear from the recipients’ devices and the company’s servers after just a few seconds (usually between one and ten). Although Snapchat has been popular with users wanting to send photos of themselves and everyday items to their friends, more recently small businesses have started to use the platform to market their brands. Here we will explain how Snapchat can be incorporated into your small business marketing strategy.

Wondering how to use Snapchat for brand marketing? Check out our tips below!

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Snapchat for small business marketing

Snapchat is yet another platform for small businesses looking to grow their audiences to target. Those looking to engage with a younger demographic may find the platform particularly beneficial, as it is ‘youngsters’ which are using Snapchat the most. Many small businesses are finding Snapchat great for generating leads, particularly when it comes to launching new products.

Using Snapchat, businesses can send an image of their new products to their followers.  The images can be edited with text to inform fans of the product launch date and a hash tag they can use if they want to talk about the product on other social media sites like Twitter. Sending out ‘snaps’ is a great way to generate a buzz about your brand and get people talking about your product before it has even launched. What’s great about Snapchat is that it is accessible to small businesses. Whereas in the past you would need high quality video and camera equipment and a big advertising budget in order to create promotional visual materials, today you can simply create raw and unedited materials for Snapchat advertising.

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One of the great things about Snapchat is that small businesses can create marketing images and videos on their smartphones. There is no need for expensive camera equipment or high quality editing software!

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Snapchat marketing tips

The introduction of the platform’s stories feature has given small businesses even more of an incentive to use Snapchat for business marketing. Stories are different to regular snaps as they can combine multiple images and video clips which are stitched together. Unlike the regular snaps, stories are visible for twenty four hours and can be replayed over and over again within that time period. Stories can also be broadcast to a much larger audience, helping small businesses to build up their followings on the platform.

Building up your Snapchat following

If you are planning on using Snapchat for small business marketing, we highly recommend that you tell users that you are using the platform on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You could even ask them what they would like to see you post on Snapchat, giving them a call to action and encouraging engagement. A great way to build up your Snapchat following is to include following you on the platform as a requirement in future social media giveaways.

Rewards for fan engagement

Another way you could use Snapchat for brand marketing and engagement would be to ask fans to send you Snapchats of themselves using your products in return for a coupon or voucher for your product or services. You can also reward customers with discounts and let them know about flash sales by delivering a message through Snapchat within seconds.


If your small business targets a young demographic, then you should definitely consider Snapchat for marketing. Not only will it provide you with an instant and free way you can market your products to customers, but it also provides a way you can keep in touch with them and encourage engagement.

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