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Social marketing case study

Published by on February 2, 2010

Social Marketing – Case Study –

Beginning life as a totally new domain the idea of the clarets turf forum was to create a base online where supporters of Premier League team Burnley can socialise regarding team news, fixtures and transfers.

Key achievements:  (Achieved in 2009 since October 10th)


  Achieved 2009 Projection 2010
Visits 8,319 45,000
Facebook Followers 1000 45000
Forum members 230 600 plus
Postings 1900 9000 plus
Depositing players. 90 330
Revenues £550 £5500

Google Analytics Stats

Claretsturf google analytics

Claretsturf google analytics

To give you an idea of the power of social marketing and the power it has here are some impressive numbers of visits and page views. Also being a forum there are good average visitor times. As you can see back on the graph back in September the site didn’t exist and has increased as a result of facebook and other social marketing.

We also achieved 1000 plus followers on the facebook forum and this would increase all the time.

We have generated a total number of 230 full time members on the forum. All the members receive a weekly email newsletter.

Traffic sources

We have invested no money in advertising this product via cost per click advertising and this has been totally reliable on Facebook, Twitter and Natural listings.

Claretsturf Traffic Source

Claretsturf Traffic Source

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