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Social Media Optimization

Published by on May 30, 2010

Time and time again the optimization of Natural listings and Google adwords is mentioned as one of the first steps to improving your companies fortunes online.  Often overlooked simply because of a simple lack of understanding Social media and the optimization of this should be considered as one of the first steps for your companies internet marketing.

Optimization of natural listings comes with first on page and link building a long drawn out process. Our Managing Director Garry Pickles explaines further ” Many Companies are still not fully aware of how to get the best from social networking. A Simple fan page or group is created and then neglected.”

The key to improving these fortunes is simple News content and relevant news content at that. If you can engage with the audience and provide interesting information and news on a regular basis then it is possible to generate traffic. More and more social networking sites are used to share infroamtion amoungst there peers this is where the snowball effect of the social networking experience comes into play.

So as with the optimization via link building for natural listings the optimization of social networking accounts isnt easy and dedication is required a longterm commitment is required but there really is nothing to lose. Once your companies grows its number of followers and friends the only way is up and the pages will grow and grow. This isnt a short term fix social networking is here to stay and in 5 to 10 years time you could be broadcasting  your companies information to literally thousands of people daily

So make the move into social networking and consider how you can get the best out of it before someone else in industry does.

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