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Social networking optimization as marketing techniques

Published by on December 20, 2011

The optimization of a website for the social networks is an important process now, a process that deserves a special section on the internet-marketing forum. Until some time ago, face book and Twitter were considered only as great sites to spend time and to meet with friends. However, now those social networks are considered some of the most powerful internet marketing tools, and their importance grows as the time passes. Recently, Google announced that the number of hits and likes affects the relevance of a site in search engines, changing the strategies of the webmasters about optimization completely.

However, there is also a trap of social networking optimization. While this is maybe the best method to get visitors on your site, it is also dangerous. SMO (Social Media Optimization) could also help spreading rumors about your website that are not founded. Those rumors are launched by your competitors, and even if they are not true, they will be spread with the speed of light. A “tweet” about the bad quality of your products will be posted on the walls of millions of users, and even if you post proofs about those rumors being untrue will be neglected by the users because of the “sensational” factor. A rumor about a bad product will have an instant rate of hits, while the news about discounts and promotions will create an effect slower. If you want to prevent the bad posts of the competition about your products, you should follow the advices given by the experienced webmasters on the internet-marketing forum.

The concept behind SMO is simple: implement changes to optimize the site, and to make it friendly to the social networks. You will find different tools like the Face book like button or the Twitter “tweet”, and adding them to your site is mandatory. Improve the chances of your site to be referred trough links. There are many static sites, and if yours is one of them, you should change this right now. Add a blog, place some research documents, dynamic content and also aggregators. Those elements will surely increase the chances of your site to be referred by other webmasters and to be social bookmarked.

Ease the process of tagging and bookmarking – add some buttons to your page, but make sure it does not have that annoying crowded aspect, and make sure that all the posts and articles have the corresponding tagging elements.

Of course, you will have to reward those webmasters by placing links to their websites on your page. In fact, we can talk about a market of exchanging links, a market that is now available for you through the internet marketing forum. There are also automated options that you can set with the help of specialized software that sends a link back to every site that refers to your page. Of course, using those programs too often might be considered spam, therefore penalized by the major search engines. The right balance of links between effectiveness and spam can be assessed with the help of the internet-marketing forum.

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