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Time to Think About Online Marketing for Christmas, Firms Warned

Published by on September 12, 2011

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Creative Commons License photo credit: rockbadger


Businesses have been urged this week to start preparing their Christmas online marketing campaigns, as shoppers begin thinking about possible gifts and researching products.

Next month is the time that online businesses need to really start shaping up their paid search advertising in particular, experts advise, with Dzine IT vice-president Peter Crisafi noting that “internet search terms used to find products can be both specific and vague at the same time.”

To this end, SEO content needs to be calibrated for “both broad category-based terms as well as specific product names,” he added.

Other experts have urged firms to keep their online marketing campaigns simple and not to spread themselves too thinly, with a few good-quality promotions launched at intervals throughout the run-up to Christmas, rather than a new promotion each day in a paid search advert. Businesses also need to be constantly aware of the rise of mobile advertising, as more and more customers will be using mobile devices to do their online Christmas shopping.

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