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Travel Chiefs Urged to Grasp the Nettle of Online Marketing

Published by on May 26, 2010

The travel industry has been urged by one expert to grasp the challenge of online marketing in order to compete fully in the cyber age.

Addressing a seminar at the recent Advantage Travel Centres conference, travel technology firm Traveltek’s managing director Jenny Picken told delegates that the only genuine way that holiday businesses could compete on the internet was through SEO and online marketing.

Insisting that online marketing was a “necessity,” in the modern world, Ms Picken called on all travel businesses, of whatever size, to make sure that they had a strong and distinct online presence, or they ran a severe risk of being overlooked by web-savvy consumers.

According to the report in Air & Business Travel News (ABTN), she went on to say that a focus on SEO and email marketing campaigns could be just the way for travel companies to increase their profits in these uncertain economic times – and she stressed that “emarketing shouldn´t be expensive.”

Ms Picken said that it was impossible to overstate the importance of keeping their online content up to date, especially in the “news” section of a website because potential customers would simply move on from a site which did not appear to have the information that they are looking for.

Business experts have long said that email marketing campaigns are a highly efficient and inexpensive way of getting brand information across to customers, and she urged the travel industry to grasp the nettle and join the shift to online marketing.

Her views are even more apposite in the face of many recent surveys which show a rise in the number of holidays searched for, planned and booked online

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