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Travel Industry Reveals Rise of the Mobile Devices

Published by on June 13, 2011

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Online marketing professionals have long been urged to adapt to the rise of the mobile device – not least of all by this blog! – and the latest research from the travel industry only serves to underline this.

Travel website TripAdvisor surveyed holidaymakers across Europe, and found that more of them are using their iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices than ever before, to check out restaurants, hotels and holiday resorts – as well as to book flights and other travel arrangements.

Nowadays, some 27 per cent of mainland Europeans and 22 per cent of Britons choose and organise holidays on their mobile devices, making it even more imperative that online marketing strategies and website designs bear this growing demographic in mind.

TripAdvisor spokeswoman Emma O’Boyle said: “Whether travellers are looking for the nearest attractions or top-rated restaurant, these findings show that smartphones and tablets are an increasingly important travel companion.”


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