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Twitter Announces Foursquare Deal for Better Geo-Tagging In Tweets

Published by on April 4, 2015

Micro-blogging social networking phenomenon Twitter has this week struck a deal with location-based platform Foursquare to enable users to tag their Tweets with businesses and other venues, as opposed to simple geographical locations.

In the past, Twitter users wanting to add a location to their Tweet could set their device to detect co-ordinates, which assigned a spot based on those parameters. The new partnership between Twitter and Foursquare means that instead of the randomly assigned ‘Times Square, New York’ tags, users can be a little more specific: ‘Starbucks, Times Square’, for example.

Since its launch, Foursquare has accumulated seven billion check-ins at 65 million different places around the world – from international tourist attractions to small local businesses. The platform is also renowned for its ‘user review’ function, and largely serves as a review platform for a multitude of organisations. Looking for a local coffee shop with great reviews? Foursquare is your best bet. Need a specialist clothing boutique to meet your niche demands? No doubt Foursquare will be able to source one, with some neat reviews too.

The deal between Twitter and Foursquare will provide businesses with plenty of exposure and could throw open doors for ‘loyalty Tweeting’ or other reward systems whereby users are given discounts or freebies for multiple Twitter check-ins. Businesses will also benefit from being able to see what customers are saying about their brand in more detail. Previously, businesses could only see tweets with certain hashtags or phrases, but by tracking the location-tagged tweets of their business, they can get a better idea of what their customers think of their services.

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