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UK Small Businesses Failing to Harness Potential of Online Marketing

Published by on May 20, 2011

The Centre for Economic Business Research have just released a new set of statistics claiming that UK based small businesses are losing out on significant amounts of income, due to a lack of proactive online marketing.

The statistics, released as part of a nationwide survey, show that smaller companies yield only 2.4 per cent of yearly incomes when employing less than 50 workers, when compared to a larger businesses of 250 or more employees, yielding incomes of around 19 per cent.

When questioned as to why they had not considered online marketing to promote their products, 33 per cent of the smaller companies in question claimed that internet marketing was not seen as a beneficial investment to their business due mainly to the size of their operations – despite the increasing popularity of online advertising over more traditional and expensive forms, such as print and television., a non-profit information resource for small business owners funded the survey, with director Phil Kingsland noting that “while small businesses are beginning to make considerable amounts of money online, many don’t yet see its full potential.”

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