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Using Google Plus for Business

Published by on March 11, 2014

Despite making use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, many businesses are a little behind when it comes to using Google Plus as part of their social media marketing strategies. According to the latest statistics, it is looking like Google Plus will surpass Facebook in its number of active users within the next couple of years, so we suggest you jump on the bandwagon now! Here we will provide information on how to use Google Plus for business and some of the many benefits.

Why use Google Plus?

Google Plus has around five hundred and forty million active monthly users. Just think about how many of those users will be interested in your products and services! As it currently stands, Google Plus is the second largest social media platform and is set to exceed Facebook by 2016, so it makes sense that your business has a presence on there.

If you need another reason to use Google Plus, how about the fact it is owned by Google? You know – the company you want to impress in order to get your website ranking highly on search engine result pages! Although Google has said it considers all social network signals when determining your search ranking, of course it is going to value the information from its own social network as that little bit more important.

Free marketing

Like Facebook, Google Plus has its own pages for businesses. Using Google Plus business pages, brands can connect with their customers and market their products to them for free. Another benefit is the fact that Google Plus is integrated with search, maps and mobile, making it easy for customers to find you. Using Google Plus you can publish all sorts of content from texts, to links to your website and even video clips, all of which help advertise your products and services.

seo for business

Publishing content on Google Plus can help to strengthen your SEO campaign.

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Present yourself as an expert

Whilst marketing your products for free is obviously one of the main benefits of Google Plus, users that have you in their circles on the site are not going to want to be bombarded with links every minute of every day. Instead why not use the platform as a way to present yourself as an expert? We all know how much Google values industry experts. By publishing unique, relevant and interesting content on your Google Plus page you can help to build up your ‘Plus Ones’ which will count towards your search engine rankings.

post regular content on google plus

Present yourself as an expert in your industry by publishing informative and educational content relevant to your industry.

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Connect with users and build up a loyal following

Your business would be nothing without its customers and in order to build up a loyal following, you need to make sure you connect with them on a regular basis. Google Plus provides the perfect platform for you to connect with existing customers and potential new ones. Not only are you encouraged to comment on their posts and share their content (if relevant to your industry) but using Google Plus Business Pages you can also organise video hangouts and set up relevant forums.

Building a community forum will provide a place where your customers and those interested in your products can interact and share their experiences.  You can also publish content like ‘how to’ videos and answers to FAQs which will improve your customer service.


If you haven’t already, we highly recommend signing up for a Google Plus account today. Not only will it provide you with yet another place to market your products, but it will also offer your additional benefits in terms of SEO and building up a strong base of social connections.

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