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Using Google Plus Communities for UK Business

Published by on March 10, 2014

Google Plus now has over one billion registered users, many of which are businesses. Using Google Plus can benefit businesses in many ways, such as allowing them to connect with customers, market their products for free and participate in virtual business meetings via Google Hangouts. Another popular feature is Google Plus Communities which is an alternative to the popular Facebook Groups. In this article we will explain how UK businesses can use Google Plus Communities to their advantage.

Google plus communities

Google Plus Communities provide a place where like-minded people can interact and discuss topics they are interested in.

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What are Google Plus Communities?

Google Plus is a place where individuals can gather together, connect and explore their common interests through conversation. Using this part of the platform they can also post photos and videos, as well as plan meet-ups and events. Basically Google Plus Communities provides a place for users to meet like-minded people.

When creating a community you can either choose for it to be private or public. If you choose to create a private community you will be able to decide who to invite into the group, whereas if you choose to set up a public community, anyone is free to join. Google Plus Communities provide a great way to meet new people and learn new things about your topics of interest.

How do Google Plus Communities benefit businesses?

Google Plus communities provide a fantastic way for businesses to meet goals included in their social media strategies. Not only do the communities provide a place for interaction to take place between businesses and their customers, but they also provide additional benefits, such as driving more traffic through to your website.

One way you can grow your customer base and increase your website traffic levels is by joining different communities which you would expect that your target audience will be part of. Once you are part of the communities, start interacting with people and building up relationships. When the time is right, you can invite them to your own Google Plus Community where you can introduce them to your products or services.

Customer service benefits

Businesses can also create their own public Google Plus Communities for their customers and potential customers to join. By providing them with a platform where they can chat about your business and related industry topics, you can get to know your customers better and gain a better understanding of their needs and requirements.

You will also be able to use your Google Plus Community to gain feedback on your products, so you can see where your customers think you are doing well and the areas which they think need improving. At the end of the day, it is your customers that buy your products so you need to make sure you are listening to them. Using Google Plus Communities will improve your customer service as you will be able to respond directly to customers and address their concerns efficiently.

Relationships in google communities

Using Google Plus Communities, businesses can connect with customers and identify influencers to collaborate with.

Identifying influencers

Google Plus Communities can also help businesses to identify influencers. If someone has an interest in your products or the industry you are part of and has a strong following, you may want to consider collaborating with them. Word of mouth is a powerful form of marketing that could really benefit your business.


Whilst many businesses were sceptical about Google Plus when it first appeared on the scene as they saw it as yet another social media site, more and more businesses are now realising its importance and the impact it can have on their social media strategies. If you are looking to build a loyal following, increase your customer base and drive traffic through to your website, we highly recommend joining the site and setting up your own Google Plus communities.

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