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Using i-Meet To Expand Social Contacts

Published by on January 30, 2012

If you plan or provide services for major events, you may want to investigate i-Meet. It is a global community that allows planners to request information from suppliers and allows suppliers to advertise their sales. It also provides a place for people within the industry to exchange helpful information. The site does not charge a commission on projects that result from the leads; i-Meet simply charges a fee (currently it is $20) to make a request for information. Planners for all kinds of events have found their way to i-Meet. There are planners that specialize in weddings, conventions, student-events, and other events. And, as might be expected, there are suppliers that offer a range of services to meet almost any need a planner might have. If you were to go to a major event and think, “I wonder who arranged all of this,” the people that did the arranging are the same kind of people that visit i-Meet.

Planners and supplier from all over the world have joined i-Meet, and there is a plethora of countries listed on the registration page. The beauty of having such a global network is that if a planner is orchestrating an event in another region or country, he or she is able to connect with suppliers there well before the event is scheduled. In addition, discussing topics of the industry with people from different locations helps create a well-rounded view.

Planners can benefit from being members of i-Meet because they can find colleagues, exchange ideas, find answers from other professionals, and learn about the current trends in their field. The site features groups based upon both industry sector and geographical location. With over 50,000 suppliers from all over the globe, planners are sure to be able to find what they need. Planners can also gain access to reviews of suppliers, venues, etc. so that they will be well-informed before they make a purchase.

Everyone is interested in growing his or her business, and using an industry-specific network like i-Meet is a great way to do that. Suppliers will not have their profiles or advertisements drowned out by other industries, and planners will not have to sort through profiles that are irrelevant to their needs. Suppliers are able to build their experience and gain positive references and feedback so that they become more professionally recognized. And by connecting with other people in the industry, suppliers and planners will both become better at their jobs.

So, how does one build a business through i-Meet? First you create a profile as either a planner or a supplier and specify your location. If you are a planner, start discussions, join interest groups, request information from suppliers, showcase your skills, respond to requests for planners, search for venues, use planning tools, and exchange ideas with other planners. If you are a supplier, let planners know about your skills and services, join groups, take advantage of available media options, get leads on jobs, and earn good ratings from planners. Make your events memorable with i-Meet.

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