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Weird Al, Learns the Power of Internet Marketing

Published by on July 22, 2014

Are you struggling to remain relevant in your industry or failing to keep up with your competitors? You need to take a leaf out of Weird Al’s book!

It is likely that you are sat there wondering what a singer-songwriter, known for his comedic music parodies, has to do with Internet marketing? The answer is that Weird Al has recently learned the power of Internet marketing and here we will explain how.

Over the past thirty odd years, Weird Al has become famous for his parodies of famous pop songs, but it has not all been plain sailing for the singer-songwriter. Whilst he may have entered the music industry at just the right time, benefiting from the technical shift from vinyl to CD and the rise of MTV; over the last decade or so he has experienced hardship caused by the prevalence of free online music sharing and the upsurge of illegal music downloads.

Even though many of the well-known free music sharing companies like Napster have faced court battles over their copyright infringements, today it is still easy for Internet users to access music for free by simply converting YouTube videos into Mp3 files. Not only is this an issue for musicians, who like everyone else need to make a living, but also the fact that the Internet has greatly increased their competition.

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Whereas in past decades Weird Al was pretty much the king of song parodies, today he faces tough competition from rising YouTube stars and amateur video makers. But instead of getting down in the dumps, what has Weird Al done about it? He’s only gone and created a successful Internet marketing strategy !

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Making money online

Rather than simply making music and selling it online, Weird Al has taken a different approach to marketing his work. He is now making a living by partnering with popular web content sites like Funny or Die, Yahoo and College Humor. These companies pay to produce his music videos, as just like any business they are looking for content that will appeal to their audience and increase engagement. Weird Al then benefits from the videos as they cost him nothing to produce and also act as advertisements for his singles and albums.

Remaining relevant

If you are clued up on Internet marketing, you will know just how important it is to constantly update your content and provide your audience with something to engage with. This is exactly what Weird Al has done to remain relevant and newsworthy.

Weird Al has recently released eight new parody music videos in just eight days to promote his new album ‘Mandatory Fun.’ One of the most popular songs from the current collection is ‘Word Crimes,’ a parody of the Robin Thicke hit ‘Blurred Lines’ that any grammar enthusiasts out there are sure to love. This is just the start of his online marketing efforts. He now has new plans to release singles instead of albums, now that his record contact has finished, so he can keep up with the latest pop music trends and generate content that gets views and results in paid downloads.


The positive approach Weird Al has taken to Internet marketing does not just apply to the music industry, but all industries. No matter what area you work in, there will be a way for you to boost your marketing efforts and achieve greater returns by simply thinking outside of the box. The first step to remaining relevant and competitive is to keep up with the latest marketing trends e.g. email marketing, social media marketing and content marketing and use them to promote your business in a new, exciting and fun way to potential customers. 

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Image credits: hgrimes & ericneitzel

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