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When To Hire An Internet Marketing Firm

Published by on April 6, 2012

When all is lost in your efforts to bolster your web presence, should you hire an internet marketing expert?  One would initially answer ‘yes’ to that haunting question; however, it really needs to be construed as a last-ditch effort to either get sales, or head for the hills.  Many people that want to assist you in your internet marketing efforts are simply out to assist themselves into your business petty cash – or your personal savings – while offering absolutely no resolve for your internet marketing quandary.  There are several steps that you should consider before you throw out the marketing ‘white flag’ and submit to the mercies of another company.

Taking a step back and evaluating your current efforts and tweaking the marketing plan you follow is perhaps the first step in knowing if you should hire an internet marketing expert.  Have you evaluated your current website to make sure all pages are properly optimized for content, your sitemap is properly constructed and submitted on a regular basis, and links inside the content are point to links on other points of your site? These first simple yet crucial steps can alleviate overspending for a simple foresight in your web site’s looks.  If needed, print out hard copies of your website and see if the content looks smooth to you, is easy to read, contains a title and keywords relevant to your discussion and/or information, and has a proper pictorial presence to fellow visitors.  These are crucial steps necessary for search engine inclusion, and the first thing an internet marketing company expert is going to do, anyway.

Next, if you are running a PPC campaign, look at the historical data and your cost per click stats, and weigh out the keywords you are using.  Do you have negative keywords? Are you using long-tail keywords that historically do better than singular words? Simply give your campaign a good look over, and if all is working within your budget and soundly enough for you, then put that portion of the testing aside for now.  Again, this is a step that internet marketing experts and entities will do for you as part of a monthly charge.

Finally, what do the search engines see when they index you? How many links do you have currently? Well, it is best to first put your website URL into the search box and see what comes up.  IF nothing, then stop reading this and know that you should hire an internet marketing expert immediately as something is flagrant about your domain name.  If this passes to your liking, then type “link:(your site)” into the Google search box, and this will render all of your internal and external links as seen by the search genius.  If not enough, then it is time to link build and submit content to directories, which will ultimately boost link relevancy incrementally.  Following all of the above steps, perhaps not necessarily in order, will give you the answer to whether should you hire an internet marketing expert or not.

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