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Why Magento is still number 1 e-commerce platform in 2015

Published by on March 23, 2015

Over the past four years, Magento has found itself among stiff competition. Companies like ZenCart, Volusion, and Shopify to name a few progressively becoming advanced as their developers work hard to offer commerce solutions.

Magento has seen an astounding growth in the e-commerce market as more online stores are adopting their popular software and dominates the e-commerce market with 26% share. With more than thousands of modules to download – more than 1,900 themes with unparalleled customizability – no wonder that the reputable competitors are eating the dust of Magento Commerce.

Magento is still the number 1 e-commerce platform in the world for the following reasons:

Familiar brand names Samsung, Fox Connect, Lenovo, Men’s Health, and Vizio with million other small to mid-sized e-commerce companies around the world use the Magento platform to sell their top brands.

They are an open source, free, and can use the edition in any manner you prefer – always offering you with new features and functionality with their extensions made available through Magento Connect.

They have excellent community support consisting of a large community of developer’s worldwide working on the platform on a daily basis to make sure that the e-commerce platforms secure, fast, and up to date with help available at all times.

Magento platforms built for E-Commerce comes preloaded with specs and features to provide a functional e-commerce website. Above being one of the best platforms, they are highly scalable – provide high performance – flexible – multi tenant – easy to integrate – SEO friendly – and the most important of all supports mobile commerce.

As technology changes towards more people using their mobiles to pay accounts they are also moving towards buying products online with their mobile devices. Both enterprise and community editions of Magento e-commerce CMS incorporated with multiple HTML5 abilities making sure you receive a greater mobile shopping experience. Making them still the number 1 e-commerce platform in the world.

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