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Widening the Search Beyond Google

Published by on October 25, 2010

An online marketing expert said today that businesses seeking the maximum exposure through search engine optimisation should consider looking “beyond Google.”

Search strategist Bas van den Beld said that there were other important search tools which were more focused on specialised content and niche interests, in an article for Search Engine Watch.

He said that there were video sites – such as the mighty YouTube – which attracted some two billion viewers every day. He argued that while online marketing executives may well be aware of YouTube as an area of opportunity, few businesses are using this opportunity to its full advantage.

Mr Van Den Beld said: “Many people are surprised to learn that YouTube is the second largest search engine,” going on to stress that there are more searches made every week on YouTube than on more mainstream search engines such as Yahoo or Bing – if not Google itself.

He insisted that YouTube is “the place to be” thanks to its 1.5 million-plus business-based searches every week and the immense diversity of its users.

Furthermore, YouTube videos tended to show up in the Google results anyway, giving online marketing campaigns a second bite of the apple when it came to getting their brand noticed on the world’s largest and most successful search engine.

As many before him have also noted, Mr Van Den Beld went on to point out that social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter also had excellent potential for broadening the search engine optimisation activities of businesses.

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