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Youtube Optimization

Published by on November 15, 2009

How to optimize You Tube videos

Our current research has moved on to You tube optimization following recent research we wanted to share our findings and ask for any other webmasters findings from there own research. The similar disciplines as used with site title tags, and descriptions do apply.

Optimization of You Tube Videos

Optimization of You Tube Videos

In easy stages here are our top you tube video optimization tips –

1. Included your Url in the description of the video,

2. Socialise on youtube and contribute comments to videos in your genre

3. Keyword research – I know this might sound basic but ask yourself what are people going to search to see this video

4.Social bookmark the video using sites like Digg and stumbled upon

5. Ratingsfor your video –  if needed ask people to leave you a rating of your online video production

6. Include your url or company details as titles in the video itself. A great tip is a email at the end of the video.

From our research we have found the same process as with standard SEO but with you tube you replace the link building process needed with google’s natural results with ratings and comments.

All in all make friends and help other peoples videos and in turn you will find people that will give you good ratings. Of course the content on the video itself is I would say 75% important to the overall performance. Give people some free help or advice in the video and it will become popular.

Please share your experiences below and pass on any help or advice.

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