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Zeropark a new traffic source to try this year.

Published by on February 3, 2018

ZeroPark is a traffic network that could be called by two names — quality and easiness. Quality stands for the traffic the network offers and easiness reflects in a user friendly ad platform.

ZeroPark’s saying is “never overpay for traffic.” To make sure it happens in the real life they do three things: offer large volumes on a global level, monitor traffic quality day-to-day and use a smart algorithm for bidding. They also offer a solid support that can assist and advice with a campaign set-up, targeting and optimization.

Let’s see what they look like up close.

Traffic types

There are three traffic types within your reach at ZeroPark: domain redirect, premium PPV and search.

Domain redirect, also called 0-click, comes from a misspelling of a domain name, a generic URL or expired domains. For example when a user types in “” with an “i” he or she is redirected to the advertising landing page.

Premium PPV is a blend of 50% on-site pop-ups and 50% toolbar generated pop-ups. Why is it premium? ZeroPark only works with selected publishers after doing multiple quality tests. Additionally, they have several filters in place to filter out all possible bad and non-converting traffic.

Search is a toolbar generated ad that shows up in search engine results. It is a new traffic type available on ZeroPark. Although the volumes are still low the quality is amazing.

ZeroPark recommends mixing all the three types, as they have different merits. Domain redirect tends to be more expansive, lower in volume and higher in conversion. Pop-ups are usually higher in volume and less converting. And search seems to have the highest conversion rates for relatively low prices.

Campaign types

Once you decide on a type of a traffic you’re up for, you need to choose a campaign type. There are four of them: RON, Multi-Geo, Keyword and Target.

RON, a run of network, is an option when you want to target all traffic from one geo. The amount of traffic you receive is based on your bid. The highest bids get the most traffic, while the lowest bids get what’s left. RON is recommended for general and broad campaigns like mobile app, software installs and sweepstakes.

Multi-Geo is the same as RON campaign, except you can target multiple countries. It’s best for targeting ads designed in one language in many countries.

Keyword is an option to target visitors by searched phrases like diet, credit or dating. You can use generic keywords for maximum exposure or exact phrases to fine tune your campaign. This is the best option if you need qualified visitors. While setting up keyword campaign in ZeroPark, remember to use negative keywords, which sort out unwanted audiences.

Target is a campaign for narrowed audience. Bid it when you have identified the top performing targets from your keywords and/or RON campaigns.

Mobile, desktop and time of day

Apart from traffic and campaign types, ZeroPark offers a range of traffic filters that help your campaigns be effective. There is a choice of a device – mobile or desktop or both, type of an operating system, type of a browser and time of a day when the ad goes out.

The filter option is the one you should be careful with. If you narrow your searches too much, you may end up with one click a month. On the flip side, if you go too wide, you can run out of money easily. Just be alert, split test your campaigns, see how they work and optimize the filter option along the way.

The volume checker

The Volume checker is a cherry on top. It’s the most useful tool on Zeropark and you better reach for it anytime you set up a campaign. The volume checker tells you how much traffic and at what average price, is available for any type of advertisement at any country. With this tool you can easily filter out your niche and, at a glance, see possible traffic for your campaigns.

Offers that convert best

Basing on the advertising history ZeroPark lets us take a peek at the offers that convert best in their network.

These are:

  • Finance (binary options, forex)
  • Mobile Downloads (anti virus apps, utility apps and games)
  • Sweepstakes (desktop and mobile)
  • Surveys
  • Shopping
  • Travel

ZeroPark’s offers also show up in BoxOfAds and here are the top performing ones.


95% of ZeroPark’s traffic is being sent to CPA offers and they say with absolute certainty that it converts.

Fees, registration and support

The minimum top up amount is $200 and the initial deposit is non-refundable. Each account is verified manually by account managers.

They have the following payment options with different fees:

  • Bank wire transfer (ZeroPark covers all fees! Minimum top up amount $1000)
  • PayPal (4% PayPal fee is deducted, minimum top up amount $200)
  • Credit card (2% fee is deducted, minimum top up amount $200)

All campaigns are manually approved by account managers.

Account managers are at your disposal during working hours and their sole responsibility is to help you achieve your campaign goals on ZeroPark.

High quality and ease

ZeroPark is a good option for ad networks, affiliates, performance marketers and agencies who look for high quality traffic. Everybody who runs the platform will definitely enjoy the ease of use and intuitive features that make everyday work smoother.

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