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10 Reasons Why Lancashire Business Owners Should Embrace Facebook

Published by on February 2, 2012

Lancashire businesses who wish to take advantage of online marketing’s many benefits, should really consider establishing a Facebook fan page. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter has been steadily increasing in importance throughout last year – and this trend is only set to increase in 2012.

Facebook fan pages are not just for personal users or enthusiasts, they have an important business function too, which Lancashire businesses can harness for their own good. They allow companies to connect with a much wider audience, throughout and beyond the Lancashire catchment area, for example.

Here’s another 10 reasons why Lancashire businesses should seriously consider setting up a Facebook fan page in 2012:

1. A huge market awaits! Facebook has over 600 million users alone, with half of this number logging on every day and spending around an hour surfing the site. Imagine how many of these are in the Lancashire area alone – then become aware of the fantastic possibilities for your business this provides!

2. Facebook provides its own analytics. With the Insights feature, Lancashire companies can track the demographics of their “fans”, sorting them by age, location and gender – thus helping you better target your marketing efforts. Comments on the page can also be tracked, helping to boost content.

3. Fan pages give you a branding opportunity. Lancashire-based companies can personalise their fan pages with their logo, bespoke backgrounds and designs – in fact, any “look” they desire to create a unique online presence.

4. There’s no limits! Unlike personal Facebook profiles, which only allow a maximum of 5,000 “friends”, there is no limit to the numbers a fan page can have – and the pages enable you to communicate directly with the fans, promoting special offers or informing of new products. For Lancashire businesses, they will be able to amass an ever-growing customer base, and communicate with them simultaneously.

5. Fan pages are great for SEO and Google. Because Google fully indexes fan pages, anything posted there will show up during an appropriate Google search, unlike personal profile content or a Facebook group. For businesses in the Lancashire area, this means that anyone in the area searching for the services your company provides will be able to find your fan page on Google – whereupon you can show them why you are the right choice!

5. Open entry. Facebook fan pages are open environments, where anyone who discovers the page can become a fan. This is unlike Facebook profiles or groups, where invitations need to be issued, or requests accepted. With potential customers in the Lancashire area stumbling upon your page via Google, they will be able to “try before they buy”.

6. High interactivity. Personal communication goes a long way in the modern digital marketing world, and fan pages are an excellent way to achieve this. Facebook fan pages mean a company can share content, videos or anything else they choose with thousands of potential customers – in Lancashire and beyond – absolutely free. This brings us to…

7. Free multimedia opportunities. Companies with a fan page can use it to upload as many files, pictures, videos, brochures and sound files as they want, with no extra charge. Compare this with the additional bandwidth charges levied by a traditional provider and you will soon see what a tremendous opportunity for engaging with your customer base this represents. Response rates to videos are much higher than just text.

8. Create events. When used together, Facebook fan pages and Facebook events are a powerful marketing tool. Fans can be swiftly informed about events or happenings related to your business in the Lancashire area.

9. Facebook fan pages direct traffic your way. All forward-thinking Lancashire businesses ought to have their own dedicated website, and fan pages are a great way to introduce first-time visitors to the site, by setting up the page as a mini-version – complete with ability to place orders or make enquiries. Facebook and the sponsored listings available also offer an excellent way of reaching your audience via a specific demographic.

10. Fan page design offers a great way to provide a highly professional presence for your business online. Engage with your audience on a regular basis and form a special relationship with your client base…

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