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5 Facebook Advertising Tips for B2B’s

Published by on February 11, 2012

Fan pages are great but a fan page with no fans is like a car without fuel or a driver without a driving licence. In order to get the most reach and views on your page you need as many likes as possible. Before you start sending messages to all your former school friends asking to join your page think about your audience and what you want to achieve. A strategy is needed so you target the right people on your page…

Business to business targeting – One of the most common responses we have received from business owners on Facebook advertising campaigns is “I don’t think Facebook is for us”. Many times people have a existing pre conception that Facebook is where their teenagers “hang out” chat about random events and generally waste their time. If you ruled out Facebook for business you could be making a big mistake. So how do you target for a business that is B2B ?

1. Sell the dream – As the owner of a business you have one thing in mind and that is making more money or generating more sales. Tap into this when you choose your ads image. Images like this will increase your ads click through rations and reduce your cost for fan via sponsored listings.

2. Keep it simple – When writing your ad copy keep it to a one line sentence and keep it simple. “Click Like” if you want to get more sales or Do you want to improve your business in 2012 “Click Like” now to find out how.

3. Spy on your existing fans interests – Make the effort to find out what your existing fans like or are interested in and tailor content accordingly. Dead Facebook fans on a page need to be engaged to bring them back alive and active.

4. Smile ! people respond to faces its called Facebook remember – Its easy to forget the basics of what makes Facebook so popular its faces. Including Happy faces will improve your ads responses and like numbers and drive down that fan acquisition cost.

Pick your favourite baby – Follow this same strategy when deciding on the best image to use for your ads.

5. Target, target , target – Did you know ? there are 2680 people currently studying at Oxford university that are Single ? Use Education and Workplace targeting to drill down to the right audience.


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