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Good Data Management Vital for Online Marketing

Published by on September 20, 2010

Marketing Week magazine has flagged up an issue that can be seen as a side-effect of the triumph of online marketing – the vast amount of data now managed by companies running web-based campaigns.

The magazine said that the scale of the information held is causing many firms to face “data management challenges,” especially because of the increasingly interlinked nature of online marketing channels.

Online advertising methods, such as email, display and search channels are becoming more centralised every day, experts warned. This is because online marketing executives are increasingly treating such channels as holistic entities.

One such executive, Renault UK’s digital communications manager David Isherwood, told the magazine that it is ever-more complicated to calculate how effective an online marketing campaign is being – particularly for the car industry, where the vast majority of sales take place offline after a customer has done their research on the internet.

Mr Isherwood stressed that this was merely one of the new challenges being created, saying: “Everything we do is spitting out loads of data. We’re quite data-driven already and digital is giving us much more.”

And the vital aspect of reliable and efficient data management among marketing departments will only grow in the future, according to a recent study by the Direct Marketing Association.

This found that an overwhelming 54 per cent of all consumers admitted that they would be happy to pass on their personal details as long as it was to a company whose data protection they felt could be trusted.

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