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Improve Your SEO with the Right SEO Company

Published by on September 28, 2010

One of the most common positions people find themselves when starting in business with a website or e commerce site is then finding the right SEO company to help improve there companies fortunes online. It is no exaggeration that companies can spend years trying to track down the right company who doesn’t just say all the right things over the phone but actually deliver good honest results with first page listings on google. Many new clients we speak to have actually reached a point where they feel like giving up after being fed unrealistic targets.

One of the most important things to consider when using a SEO company is first and foremost what natural listings and what page rank is there own site on Google. If you can tick this box then you really are halfway there if a company selling SEO has a page rank of zero on google and has no first page listings under good generic search terms then you have to question there abilities and whether they are a company that practices ethical seo. If it sounds to good to be true it normally is so a perspective of reality and clarity is always important.

If a company promises a first page listing and asks for a set amount of money to achieve this you are also right to question this. Promising a first page listing is something that can be realistic and SEO is a logical process it all boils down to numbers and a proven structure and system at the end of the day but is it realistic especially within the time scale. Also consider the size of the company that is offering the SEO services how many times have you had problems with larger national organistations due to a breakdown in communications between departments.

Consider what service you would prefer a person looking after your SEO that is sales driven pushing for sales targets or someone that actually cares about your positions and will treat your companies fortunes online like there own. The Pros of using a larger organisation is you know they can provide results and perhaps there site is well listed on google but your companies site may well be a small fish in a big pond. An up and coming SEO company may take extra pride in working for your company and take it upon themselves to focus all there efforts pushing your site for future case studies or examples of successful seo campaigns. If you are asked to sign up to a long term contract I would also take caution why would a company need to tie you in to a 12 month contract if they were 100% confident you would be happy after 10 months service ? Ask the question in a worse case scenario if we don’t see any results will I still be tied in within the contract What is the company listing as its criteria of providing you with a successful campaign if this criteria is cloudy perhaps full of potential loop holes and not quite in black in white this says it all. Contracts in my experience within the SEO business always induce alarm bells so take extra caution here.

Large Fees OK no one likes to pay large fees for SEO but if it provides results then so be it ? Remember one thing it would be possible to be listed on the first page of google for a search term and you would still not generate good levels of traffic and thus not generate a good return on investment. We got a quote for one of our sites from a rival company and the cost was £12,000 in order to achieve a first page listing for a particular generic keyword when we did the maths it would have taken at least 12 months in this position in order for the SEO work to reach a similar level of return on investment that we could have achieved instantly by setting up a google AdWords campaign.

Look for a long term relationship with a SEO company a relationship that will result in updates to your blogs, updates in strategy, updates if and when they develop the Internet is a constantly evolving beast so your company needs to keep up to date with all the possible avenues. Look at a way of outsourcing your Internet marketing as a whole package not just a flash in the pan SEO surge there are no easy answers or quick fixes SEO work and Internet Marketing is very much a part of companies long term strategies so don’t be left behind and take caution.

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