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New Tech Possibilities To Watch For In 2012

Published by on December 15, 2011

No one is really certain what the new ideas of the future will unveil as of yet, considering the future isn’t really here.  We have seen how, in just three quick decades, our world has gone from cassette tapes and compact discs to digital music that can be accessed on the cloud front; we have seen how the basic Apple and Commodore computers that had terrible graphics have shot up to touch screen computers and televisions that can access the web as well; finally, we have seen how talking to strangers on Telnet has grown to social media madness and video chatting with people  thousands of miles away with perfect clarity.  With these quick innovations, what will the new tech goodies of 2012 be and who will put them forward? Here is an angle we considered:

Advancement Towards Holographic Media
This is really the last direction we can go, short of beaming people from around the world into your living room.  Sony had developed the world’s first holographic television set, yet nothing has really been stated in mainstream news as to how things are actually coming along with such advancements.  If the future is to include something different, this is really the last logical place to go for our media needs.  Expect to hear more this coming year about the future of holographic media and possible release dates for this.

Even Thinner Televisions
Televisions have progressively gotten thinner as the years have passed, while the size is getting bigger as well.  The last possible direction to go in terms of television creation is making the units even thinner and lighter than before while still increasing the size and picture quality.  Integrating Facebook and YouTube even deeper than it is now is also going to be a standard for all television makers while Wi-Fi will also be the trend in 2012 with all new sets.  LCD televisions will decrease immensely in price to make room for the newer sets as well.

BlueTooth Everything
Imagine being at work and forgetting to turn the coffee pot off, or forgetting to lock the back door; this issue will soon be solved as virtually anything can be BlueTooth enabled, such as door locks, outlets, even kitchen appliances.  Expect there to be an innovation that allows people to wirelessly, through an app, or even through a direct dial to be able to connect to any product they own and shut it down, even locking the television or game system out so the children can do their homework without being distracted.  Seems a bit outlandish, yet ADT and other smaller alarm companies have the capacity to turn off lights, control house heat and other similar abilities.  Expect there to be a major step in allowing the smaller appliances to be controlled through BlueTooth, including windows, doors, and other major parts of the home.

The New Year will bring some extravagant surprises your way in terms of available content.  While the mobile world is holding their breath for the newest innovation of cellular products, most other tech geeks want to see what will evolve in the gaming and electronic industries as a whole. You will be pleasantly surprised when 2012 begins as to what the future will hold for tech goods.

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