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Promoted Tweets – a New Online Marketing Opportunity

Published by on June 15, 2011

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Online marketing professionals need to be aware of the latest innovation from micro-blogging site Twitter – Prompted Tweets.

These are a unique form of internet advertising that only Twitter can boast. Whereas previously commercial enterprises needed Twitter users to follow their account, Promoted Tweets allow messages to reach a far wider audience.

Firstly a Tweet is sent to a brand’s followers, and when it is paid for as a Promoted Tweet it appears as content in search results, rather than alongside the results.

As Promoted Tweets are only paid for via Cost-per-Engagement (CPE), a company will only pay when Twitter users Retweet, replies to, select or adds the Tweet to their favourites. A Retweet of the Promoted Tweet is free of charge, thus potentially adding great reach and power to any Twitter-based online marketing campaign.

Skilled internet marketing professionals should have no problem devising Promoted Tweets that are memorable and witty enough to be seen by many, many different users.



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