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Twitter for Business – How to make it Work.

Published by on May 3, 2011

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Twitter is a platform that in the realtime internet world provides literally millions of posts every day. Already a selection of people within your business’s industry are taking advantage of this area and creating visitors and branding for there website and company. So how could Twitter be used for your business when you perhaps don’t have the time or inclination of where to start ?

Is it worth the effort ? You may ask in comparison with other areas online such as SEO and CPC.

Twitter is a totally different beast to standard marketing platforms online and promotion via twitter for business has to be as indirect as possible. The so called Spam tweets only go so far and it is only a matter of time before these unethical techniques are throwned upon by Twitter and your account is taken down. Our advise is the personal approach people on twitter respond better to a faceless twitter account. The standard practice is a twitter account with a company name.

A Faceless account with sales related postings trying to generate new business isn’t going to be followed as much as a ethical personal account which provides personal opinion as opposed to a constant drip of “Buy from us” Tweets. The truth is that in order to make a successful account you could spend the majority of the time discussing non work issues or socialising directly with individuals. Replying, re tweeting to a wide range of topics in an ethical manner and not in a Spammy way in order to fool people into clicking links.

The use of twitter to promote relevant news from your blog is a great way of creating brand awareness and opening up discussions and while you socialise in an ethical manner you are opening yourself up to the opportunity of more followers and more followers means more exposure. Celebrities are tapping into Twitter in a big way and a response from a top celebrity on Twitter that has hundreds of thousands of followers could mean big exposure for your companies brand. Plus it provides a great piece of kudos to show other friends and followers online.

Twitter for business is evolving don’t miss out. A hybrid twitter account for business and personal use is the best way forward to capture a large volume of activity and tweets.

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