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What Will Social Media See In 2012?

Published by on January 2, 2012

Now that the New Year is upon us world wide, it is no secret that people are scrambling to find new ideas to incorporate into social media; since it appears that well over 95% of internet users today are socially engaged in one facet or another, it seems as if though the ‘social generation’ is in full effect. It is time for all businesses, big or small, to fully integrate their sites, commercial pushes, and savings into social media if they haven’t done so already. Aside from that fact, what will social media see in 2012 and how will your business be affected? We deeply researched the subject and came up with the following 4 conclusions that should get your mind wandering:

Social Media Will Make or Break

Whether your business has coupons, special introductory offers or even clearance items, your Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets need to have full details with pictures, descriptions, and linkage; in other words, each social media presence should now look like ‘miniature’ versions of your current website. Living without social media will no longer be an option should you wish to increase conversions or, in alot of cases, make any sales at all. You should even consider having more than just Twitter and Facebook on your social media repertoire, such as Linked In, Stumble Upon and Squidoo.

Images Harvest Social Media Traffic

The newest player to the social media scene incorporates images as a means for not only generating a social media following, but giving you massive backlinks. Pinterest, the new image ‘pin’ board, is a social media heaven for photographers – and for smart SEOists to generate backlinks. If you have an image-rich website, you can easily pull off several hundred backlinks with Pinterest if you know what you’re doing. You can make friends, suggestions, and get people to suggest vising your site – all based off the images you have on your site. Images are ‘in’, so make sure to incorporate them wisely for social media traffic.

Social Media Will Be Indexed

Due to numerous requests to have Google index up-to-minute news and information, you will soon see permissible yet relevant wall posts, Tweets, and other social news become fully searchable through the Big 3. This would be an excellent opportunity to have yourself optimized through relevant wall posts and Tweets higher in the search engines as opposed to those that don’t care. Now is the perfect time for your business to evaluate the true direction it’s going and make your conversations count as it will gauge further search engine relevance when Google begins to process social media through their index bots.

SOPA Will Bond Social Media Tighter

Once Congress passes their beloved ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’, it will draw all social media fronts closer together in some fashion or another by either creating groups that enforce this law, or ‘sects’ that will oppose it and continue to share anyway. If you have a business that could indirectly – or directly – become a victim of SOPA, then you’ll want to evaluate your company’s stance in digital sharing and be prepared to sink or swim, depending on which group you attract yourself to.
It is an unfortuate happenstance, yet many people saw Government intervention coming for years. Socially engage your true feelings on this and watch your following grow in one direction or another.

About The Author

Greg Henderson, a California-based businessman with over 11 years in SEO/SEM, provided this piece based on personal endeavors and education in search engine optimization with a concentration on content optimization for the social media future. His current projects include a criminal records site, and a business background check site

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